National Solo Dance Finals 2018

Coach Kristen Weyl, Bella D., Jamie and Shennelly traveled to the Hyannis Youth & Community Center after qualifying for the National Solo Dance Finals. The Solo Dance Competition Series is an expansion of the National Solo Dance Championships and provides an avenue for ice dancers at the Standard Levels to compete at and qualify for the National Solo Dance Final. Within the Eastern, Midwestern and Pacific Coast sections, the top 6 skaters for Combined, top 6 skaters in Pattern, and top 3 teams in Shadow qualify to compete at the National Solo Dance Finals. Bella qualified for Intermediate Combined, Bella and Jamie qualified for Intermediate Shadow, and Shennelly qualified for Preliminary Pattern.

On Day 1, Bella and Jamie competed in Intermediate Shadow in the Foxtrot and earned their bronze medal. The following day, Bella competed in Intermediate Combined which consisted of the Foxtrot for her Pattern in the morning and her Free Dance in the afternoon. She placed 4th, earning her a place on the podium and a pewter medal.

Check out the Solo Dance Series page at U.S. Figure Skating for more information.