Meet the Board

Your Central Florida FSC is proud to represent the Club and arrange activities and events to foster friendship and fellowship. Please contact any of us in person or through email to learn how you can help!

2021-2022 Board

Tim Dady, Treasurer and Florida Open Chair

Tim will serve again this year as our Treasurer and Florida Open Chair.  Tim has been on the board for five years having served as President, Treasurer and Chair of the Florida Open. Tim is a USFS official in the role of regional Music Coordinator and represented our club as a voting delegate at this year’s USFS Governing Council.  His daughter, Bella, is a triple gold medalist, a three time National-level medalist, and is a Learn to Skate coach at RDV.   

Odette Santiago-Elmer, Secretary and Test Chair  

Odette will serve as our Secretary this year which will mark her second year in this role.  She will also continue as the club’s Test Chair for the third consecutive year..  She is the mother of skater Avril Elmer, who is active in both USFS and the RDV TOI program.   Odette enjoys volunteering for all skating events and has been a leader in bringing virtual testing to our skating community.  

Stephanie Glazier, Membership, Social Media and Junior Board Chairperson

Stephanie will continue to serve as our Membership and Social Media Chairperson and will add the Junior Board to her responsibilities after the Junior Board took a hiatus due to pandemic this past season. Stephanie and her family have been very involved with both figure skating and hockey at RDV Ice Den. Her daughter, Haley has been skating for approximately 10 years and has been a longtime member of the RDV Stars and the TOI program.   

Jen Iapichino, Member at Large 

Jen joins the Board as a Member at Large with willingness to serve as needed on various committees.  Her daughter Nora has been skating for 8 years and is active in USFS, RDV Stars and the TOI program.   Jen has been a dedicated volunteer supporting her daughter’s passion for Figure Skating and our entire skating community.  

Debby Kwasman, RDV Ice Den Facility Representative

Debby is the RDV Ice Den Director and represents the interest of the facility at our Board Meetings but beyond that she is able to offer personal insight given her experience as the mother of an accomplished USFS member.  She provides direction and guidance in planning club events based on facility availability and brings a much needed level of flexibility in scheduling especially after this past year of unpredictable challenges.  Debby’s personal and professional knowledge of Figure Skating makes her an invaluable member of our board.  

Erica Merriam, Vice President 

Erica jumped in and filled a vacancy on our Board this skating season mid-season and will continue in this role for 2021-22.  Erica is mother of skater Mackenzie Savage who has been skating for 6 1/2 years and is actively involved in USFS, RDV Stars and the TOI program.   Erica has been a long time member of the club and dedicated volunteer serving our skating community.  

B-J Shue-Chapman, Coaches Representative

B-j is the Figure Skating Director at RDV Ice Den and represents the interest of the coaches at our Board of Directors meetings.  She is a USFS skater, coach and the mother of club member, Timmy Chapman.  Timmy currently represents the USFS Team as a Junior Pairs skater.  B-j brings the perspective of a skater, a coach and a parent to help assist the board in planning and strategic decisions.   She is passionate about making skating opportunities accessible to all skaters at all levels and is a valuable asset to our club.  

Lois Wirth, President

Lois will serve as the President for the 2021-22 season after serving previously as a Co-President, Member at Large and Chair of the Junior Board.  She also served as a voting delegate for USFS Governing Council.  Her daughter Bridgette Wirth participates in USFS and the TOI program at RDV.  Lois takes great joy in supporting Bridgette’s passion for figure skating, which all started with a “mommy and me” learn to skate class more than 12 years ago.

2020-2021 Board

  • Beverly Johnson – Co-President
  • Lois Wirth – Co-President
  • Odette Santiago-Elmer – Secretary
  • Tim Dady – Treasurer
  • Stephanie Glazier – Membership Chair (RDV)
  • Scott Wendt – Membership Chair (Ice Factory)
  • Heather Kerr Moore – Junior Board Advisor
  • B-j Shue-Chapman – Coach Liaison (RDV)
  • Paula Wagener – Coach Liaison/Rink Liaison (Ice Factory)
  • Debby Kwasman – Rink Liaison (RDV)

2019-2020 Board

  • Tim Dady – President
  • Beverly Johnson – Vice President
  • Kerri Bottorff – Secretary, SafeSport and Adult Skating Chair
  • Ted Johnson – Membership Chair
  • Odette Sanchez Elmer – Test Chair
  • Lois Wirth – Junior Board Advisor
  • Hope Dady – Website, Interim Treasurer
  • Tina Piper – Treasurer (Aug-Sept)
  • Michele Reaves – Hospitality
  • Kristen Weyl – Coach Liason
Our Mission

To foster a figure skating community that strives to mold and expand the minds and develop the skills of all our members by providing active programs and resources encouraging participation, good sportsmanship and fun within the guidelines of USFS.