Meet the Board

Your Central Florida FSC is proud to represent the Club and arrange activities and events to foster friendship and fellowship. Please contact any of us in person or through email to learn how you can help!

2020-2021 Board

  • Beverly Johnson – Co-President
  • Lois Wirth – Co-President
  • Odette Santiago-Elmer – Secretary
  • Tim Dady – Treasurer
  • Stephanie Glazier – Membership Chair (RDV)
  • Scott Wendt – Membership Chair (Ice Factory)
  • Heather Kerr Moore – Junior Board Advisor
  • B-j Shue-Chapman – Coach Liaison (RDV)
  • Paula Wagener – Coach Liaison/Rink Liaison (Ice Factory)
  • Debby Kwasman – Rink Liaison (RDV)

2019-2020 Board

  • Tim Dady – President
  • Beverly Johnson – Vice President
  • Kerri Bottorff – Secretary, SafeSport and Adult Skating Chair
  • Ted Johnson – Membership Chair
  • Odette Sanchez Elmer – Test Chair
  • Lois Wirth – Junior Board Advisor
  • Hope Dady – Website, Interim Treasurer
  • Tina Piper – Treasurer (Aug-Sept)
  • Michele Reaves – Hospitality
  • Kristen Weyl – Coach Liason
Our Mission

To foster a figure skating community that strives to mold and expand the minds and develop the skills of all our members by providing active programs and resources encouraging participation, good sportsmanship and fun within the guidelines of USFS.

Additional Rink

The Ice Factory
2221 Partin Settlement Road
Kissimmee, FL 34744