2019 Winter Seminar

We are excited to welcome Kim Ryan and Sheila Thelen to Central Florida as we host our winter skating seminar focused on spins, edges and power.

Saturday, January 12, 2019 from 2pm to 7pm

Meet Kim Ryan

Kim Ryan, Spinergy’s creator and founder, is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere figure skating spin specialist. Inspired by the creativity and individuality students are able to express through spins, and seeing the new emphasis being placed on spins in competition and judging, Kim wanted to create a curriculum that would provide a focused and energized approach to both the art and mechanics of spinning. Her unique Spinergy program helps skaters grow aptitude, appreciation and creativity.

Meet Sheila Thelen

Sheila Thelen is a PSA Master Rated coach with more than 25 years of coaching experience.  She currently teaches in an around the Twin Cities in MN.  She has also been a presenter at PSA, CFSA, and ISI International Conferences. She  is the Designer and President of Champion Cords which produces training aids for skaters that teach alignment, position, muscle memory, body awareness, and technique.  She is also the President of Champion Skating Harness, a company that specializes in off-ice harnesses for jump air position training.  She was also the Skating Director of a large skating school in Minnesota for over 10 years.


All skaters – $115 per person

Skaters of all freestyle levels are invited to participate. Private lessons with the coaches will be held on January 13th and will be arranged through the Central Florida FSC after registration for the seminar has ended.

Our Mission

To foster a figure skating community that strives to mold and expand the minds and develop the skills of all our members by providing active programs and resources encouraging participation, good sportsmanship and fun within the guidelines of USFS.