Florida Open

See you in 2022!

The 2021 Florida Open has been canceled. Our team pored over many factors and concluded that cancelation was the safest choice for all involved.  We’ll miss seeing all the amazing skaters and look forward to return to hosting next year.


The Florida Open Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is a team of dedicated individuals whose purpose is to strategize, plan and oversee implementation of our annual Florida Open, the largest figure skating competition in Florida, if not the across the Southeast region.

The Florida Open is Central Florida FSC’s primary source of revenue. Its success is critical to our ability to fulfill our mission. There are many components to a competition: officials, rules & regulations, rink relations, vendors, hospitality, marketing, registration, administration, finance, volunteer coordination and much more.

Whether you are a Central Florida FSC’s Board member, Club member or someone who just wants to get involved, we invite you to join the LOC and to take part in something very rewarding! 

During the 2019 Florida Open, we hosted over 400 skaters with more than 700 starts from across the country. Results from the 2019 Florida Open are available!

Contact – 2020 Florida Open

Florida Open Results 

Our Mission

To foster a figure skating community that strives to mold and expand the minds and develop the skills of all our members by providing active programs and resources encouraging participation, good sportsmanship and fun within the guidelines of USFS.